"At the Centre" Poster Making Project

So what's in a picture?  You might ask.  Well, in March of 2011, a group of engaged BBNC community members told visual stories about what our centre means to them by creating powerful posters during poster making workshops.

The poster sessions were part of an empowering project that our Toronto Neighbourhood Centre Network calls "At the Centre".  Residents of several Toronto neighbourhood centres contributed to this pictorial storytelling project, highlighting the value of centres like ours as welcoming places where residents of all backgrounds come together, and partner to address barriers and work for the wellbeing of our communities.

Using art materials like paint, photos and magazine clippings, 9 BBNC members told visual stories of BBNC's impacts on their lives.

One participant's poster had a winding, colourful train leaving BBNC.  He said that it described the role neighbourhood centres like BBNC has played throughout his life as a main link to community.

Various themes were expressed in the posters and in so many stories residents shared around the table.  For some, BBNC was a link to community; for others, facing barriers, a pathway to opportunity, a place to grow, a way to find their voice; for all, a place they belonged.

Thanks to the "At the Centre" Project, the posters created at BBNC are provided on this page for your enjoyment.

David Meyers

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