Older Adult Programs

Six Cooking Club participants and two staff having a fun moment in the kitchen, a cooked meal is on the counter in front of them

BBNC's Older Adult Programs have provided inclusive neighbourhood programs and services to southwest Scarborough seniors for over 25 years.  It promotes active living, leadership and community engagement among area seniors, aged 60 years and older.

Working in collaboration with seniors and senior-serving providers, Older Adult Programs offer many social, wellness, leadership and civic engagement programs that address seniors' diverse interests.  These include inclusive fitness and recreational programs that foster active aging; holistic wellness activities delivered in partnership with community health providers; and leadership and civic engagement programs through which seniors contribute empowered voices and assets.

The program prioritizes service to seniors facing poverty, in keeping with BBNC's strategic focus on addressing the impacts and root causes of poverty.  Responding to the changing population demographics of the catchment area, it also increasingly serves low income seniors resident in the catchment's many tower neighbourhoods and area newcomer seniors facing settlement barriers.


  • Information & referral services
  • Community outreach
  • Advocacy supports
  • Informal counseling
  • Access to Open Doors Fee Subsidy Program


Active Living & Wellness

  • Qi Gong
  • Older Adult Fitness
  • Tai Chi
  • Line Dancing
  • Curious Cooks Club
  • Bengali and Tamil Seniors Recreation Program

Seniors' Leadership & Engagement

  • Seniors Poverty Animator Network (SPAN)
  • Older Women's Group
  • Seniors Outreach Ambassador Resource (SOAR)

Community Development & Capacity Building

  • Civic Literacy Training and
  • Civic Engagement Activities (Vote PopUps, City Budget advocacy)
  • Capacity-building Workshops
  • Consultations and forums on seniors' issues

Seniors Outreach Ambassador Resource (SOAR)

Seniors ambassador Team sits around a table, listening to one of their members speak

Our Seniors Outreach Ambassador Resource (SOAR) has continued, following the end of the project's grant funding by the New Horizons for Seniors Program.  SOAR engages diverse area seniors as volunteer ambassadors who connect to seniors from communities that are disconnected from services.  Using a peer-led approach, the project trained over 12 seniors to serve as volunteer animators.  Project seniors went on to conducted seniors outreach in area neighbourhoods, ran many seniors' social events, and engaged in civic activities that strengthened seniors' voices while promoting poverty reduction and democracy.

For information on SOAR, please contact David at 416-396-7606 or by e-mail at david@bbnc.ca.

NEW! Seniors Poverty Animator Network (SPAN)

BBNC's launched our new Seniors Poverty Animator Network (SPAN) project in summer 2016.  Generously funded by the Province of Ontario, SPAN engages diverse area seniors and adults as anti-poverty animators who will conduct civic campaigns in partnership with BBNC, anti-poverty networks and agencies, animating on Toronto's Poverty Reduction Strategy.  Using an asset-based approach, the project provides over 12 seniors with civic animation training and supports to perform this valuable work, with a focus on Scarborough area issues such as affordable housing, transit, poverty and childcare.  BBNC is thrilled to have seniors with lived experience of poverty leading this project.  We welcome the support of community partners in linking seniors to the project.

For information on SPAN, please contact David at 416-396-7606 or by e-mail at david@bbnc.ca.

Fees & Subsidies

To participate in BBNC programs, an annual membership is required.  Individual membership is currently $15, and for seniors aged 60 years and older, Older Adult membership is $15.  Family membership is $40 (pro-rated from March onwards to $20).  For low-income community members including persons on fixed incomes, program subsidies are available to offset fees through BBNC's Open Doors Subsidy Program.  Subsidy forms are available at the front desk.

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