Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre Community Events Hosting Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre as the beneficiary of your fundraising event!

The support of community event organizers like you is crucial to our efforts to support the programs and services that we deliver.

We have outlined the following steps to assist you in organizing a successful event.


Conceptualize the idea - think about it in terms of size, audience, venue, date, interest, talents, and goals to maximize its potential.

Contact Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

Once you have decided on the event, complete the Event Proposal form and submit it to BBNC for review.  If you have immediate questions or need assistance filling out the form, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at 416-396-4310 or e-mail at

Speak with BBNC staff to begin planning your event and to see how we can best assist you.  We can make suggestions and support you once your plan is submitted and approved.  You will receive a final written agreement between you/your organization and BBNC.

Enlist Support

Attempt to enlist as much support as possible at the front-end of the event.  We suggest striking a committee and dividing into sub-committees so your dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers can each have a manageable role to play in the project.

Establish Your Goals

Set attainable financial goals by creating a realistic and measurable budget.  Include sources of expenses and income.  Attempt to get as many donations as possible to reduce your costs.  This will result in higher net proceeds from your event.  Monitor your progress, reviewing and assessing your goals and progress frequently.

Set A Date & Location

Choose a time and location that is convenient for the participants that will be attending.  Check other local event calendars to ensure that there is no conflict.


BBNC would be pleased to review the logistics of your event.  We can provide you with information and support you in the areas of volunteers, tax receipting, handling donations, and other areas.

Marketing & Promotion

After drafting your marketing and promotional materials, please have them reviewed by BBNC staff to ensure that it is consistent with our branding.  These materials are key to the success of your event and we would like this partnership to be as successful as possible.

Collecting Money

We request that you collect all monies related to your event and submit them to BBNC within 60 days of your event.  Charitable receipts will be issued within eight weeks of that date (if applicable).  Please refer to our tax receipting guidelines to see which gifts can be receipted.

Thank You

The success of your event needs to be shared!  Ensure that acknowledgement and thanks are generously given to everyone who supported the event, and let them know how much their contributions were appreciated.

Begin Planning For Next Year.....

BBNC's Charitable Registration No. is: 107842452RR0001.